5 reasons why going grey is the new living room furniture trend

Grey living room furniture

Thinking of updating your living room in the near future? Or perhaps you’re moving into somewhere new and want a fresh look for this central room? Grey is one of this year’s key furniture trends and here we delve deeper in to why it’s becoming so popular in homes around the UK…

1) It’s versatile

Good quality furniture should last for many, many years and, as such, it’s highly likely that you’ll either move or want to redecorate at least once during its lifetime, especially as décor fashions now change so regularly. Either way, having furniture that is versatile enough to work within different living room styles is particularly advantageous.

Grey is such a popular choice for furniture because of its versatile qualities – it can easily move with the times and blend with a completely new living area look five or ten years down the line, if required.

2) It’s neutral

As a furniture colour choice grey certainly isn’t new, but it has come to more prominence in recent decades and is arguably now more popular than it’s ever been. This is largely because it’s furniture that doesn’t try to steal the limelight. Sure, if you’re seeking statement furniture and want your sofa, for example, to be the star of the show, then grey simply isn’t going to cut it. But, if you want other elements of the room to be more expressive, grey furniture will quietly go about its business and let these other elements of the room shine.

Indeed, as grey is so neutral as a colour it affords you much more opportunity to be bolder with aspects such as wall colours, curtains, cushions, rugs and other decorative accessories. These features are usually far cheaper and easier to change than the furniture itself and so you’re free to be bold, take a risk or two and then easily redress the balance if aesthetically you feel you’ve gone too far in terms of accent colours and the like.

3) It’s practical

Furniture gets scratched. It gets knocked. It gets things spilt on it. That’s tough to acknowledge when you’re gazing at the pristine lifestyle photography in the brochure but, unfortunately, it’s the practical reality. Some furniture styles deal with this better than others and grey is certainly superior to most, thanks to its colouring.

4) It’s modern

Grey is very much a contemporary choice and will remain so. That’s not to say that it can’t work in more traditional decors, but it usually always lends itself best to living rooms where there’s at least a nod to a modern aesthetic. Accordingly, if that’s what you’re aiming for, grey is very much your friend.

5) There’s more choice

Grey painted furniture designs are constantly evolving and there’s now more choice than ever before. Grey used to have a slightly bland reputation, but nowadays that certainly isn’t the case. For example, the Farmhouse Grey furniture collection blends grey painted bases with hand-distressed, limed surfaces across a range of dining tables, sideboards, coffee tables, benches and more, thus adding a subtle and appealing rustic aspect.

Grey is certainly a trend that’s here to stay and could transform your living room both in the near future and for many years to come.

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