How to use furniture as an accent colour

Using furniture as the accent colour in rooms

Furniture is now being made with a greater choice of colours than ever before and the more adventurous amongst us are beginning to set the accent colour of our kitchens, living rooms or bedrooms using this very furniture.

Here, we take a look at this bold trend and, if you’re planning to take the plunge, we offer some advice and tips on how best to do it…

Firstly, what is an accent colour?

An accent colour is one that is distinctly and deliberately different from others within a design’s colour scheme. This colour is often used relatively sparingly but, because it’s visually distinct from its surroundings, it can help to draw the eye towards certain elements.

In the context of interior design, an accent colour can often help to ‘pull the room together’ and, additionally, can serve to prevent a room from appearing monotone.

An accent colour can inject energy and life in to many decors and because of this people often assume that these colours are always bright. However, that’s certainly not the case. More subtle colours can be just as effective – it really depends on how much emphasis you want to give to the accent within the room.

What can I use to convey the accent?

Pretty much anything, big or small, can be used and this freedom of expression and creativity is what understandably appeals to many. Cushions, wall art, rugs, clocks, sofas – you name it and it’s most probably been used in somebody’s home, to great effect.

How much of an accent colour should I use in a room?

The golden rule is ‘less is more’. If you’re in any doubt then put the room together with fewer elements that include the accent colour, assess how it looks and then add to it afterwards, if necessary.

If you think you might want the flexibility to change the accent colour in future, the key tip is to feature it on items that are relatively easy and inexpensive to replace. Furniture is of course usually large and relatively expensive and therefore if you’re going to use it as part of the accent, you’ll need to be doubly sure before you commit.

Definitely still up for it? Ok, good, then we’ll proceed…

How can I use furniture to set the accent colour?

The range of possibilities when it comes to the choice of accents is of course almost limitless and you can find accessories in a whole host of these colours. However, when it comes to furniture, your choices are usually slightly more limited.

Precisely matching the exact shade of your accent-coloured sofa with, for example, your curtains could be a tough ask and, in many instances, ‘nearly’ is not nearly good enough. Therefore, if you’re using furniture to set the accent colour then it’s usually best to limit the use of the colour elsewhere in the room, to avoid the complications of having to match.

That said, if you’re feeling particularly bold, you could contrast one accent colour with another – so, for example, a pale green sofa with a brick-red wall. This approach can often work particularly well with pastel colours.

Of course, an alternative method is to use furniture that has smaller hints of colour or flecks in it, and then reflect this elsewhere within the room. This is often easier to work with and more versatile.

Some final advice…

Using furniture as part of the accent is a brave choice but that certainly shouldn’t dissuade you.

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular piece of distinctively coloured furniture then it’s well worth the pursuit of items to coordinate it with. If, alternatively, your heart is set on a particular colour scheme for a room, then try not to put undue pressure on yourself to find furniture to carry the accent, as there are often easier and cheaper ways to achieve the blend of colour you desire.

Either way, the main thing is to enjoy the process – rooms with accent colours are some of the most distinctive and impressive, and careful planning will bring some great results.

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