The Top 10 Benefits of Reclaimed Furniture

Reclaimed wood furniture in light, rustic dining room

Britain alone disposes of five million tonnes of wood every single year, which is a tremendous waste.

Thankfully though, an increasing amount of wood is being reused and here we look at the top 10 reasons why reclaimed wood furniture is more popular than ever before.

1) It’s environmentally friendly

One of the biggest plus points of all - old timber that can be redeployed to make reclaimed dining tables, chairs, sideboards and the like is a highly sustainable and eco-friendly way forward.

Furniture made from reused wood combats the waste of perfectly good timber, and also avoids the need to tear down even more trees.

Coffee table and TV stand made from reclaimed wood, in cosy living room.

The popularity of reclaimed furniture has risen significantly in recent years and appears to be a style that’s here to stay, rather than simply a passing trend. Great news for the planet and for households throughout the UK and beyond, who are becoming increasingly appreciative of the merits this furniture brings.

2) It’s made of stern stuff

Reclaimed dining set in rustic kitchen

By its very nature, reclaimed wood is strong and robust – after all, it’s served a previous purpose and so has already proven that it can stand the test of time. What’s more, wood that’s previously been used for purposes such as buildings and boats is usually hardwood, which is generally best for furniture, being tougher and more durable than softwood.

All of this means that your furniture will be strong and stable, both now and for years to come.

3) It’s price competitive

Reclaimed wood is usually cheaper than new timber. Therefore, far from paying a premium for all of the other great benefits listed in this article, you’ll often find that you’ll pay less for your furniture, especially compared to new hardwood equivalents.

Colourful sideboard made from reclaimed wood

4) It has an abundance of character

Quite simply, it looks great, thanks to the unique texture and grain of the wood. It’s a distinctive, rustic style and one that simply oozes character and charm.

Rustic bed and bedside tables

5) It has its own history

When buying reclaimed furniture, you’ll often be able to find out the origins of the wood. Every old piece of wood has a story to tell and it’s quite remarkable when, for example, your reclaimed desk had a previous life as part of an old Indian fishing boat.

TV cabinet made from colourful reclaimed wood, situated in modern living room.

6) It’s unique

Manufactured furniture can often lack character and you may have the same dining table as ten thousand other households in the UK. However, with recycled wood, every single item is different, which gives you and your home a strong sense of individuality.

White rustic wood bedroom furniture

7) It’s versatile

The ‘rules’ of interior design have become more flexible in recent years and it’s now generally accepted that items of furniture within a bedroom, living room or kitchen don’t necessarily need to match, as long as they’re in the same style. This is especially true for the reclaimed look, which is incredibly flexible in this respect.

8) The wood is different

Many ranges are sourced from the Far East and, as such, your reclaimed sideboard could potentially be made from an interesting, exotic timber.

Large sideboard made from reclaimed wood, in modern living room

9) It’s less likely to move

Being a natural material, wood can often move and warp, especially when it’s exposed to changes in warmth and humidity. Reclaimed wood has already aged and is therefore far less likely to do this.

Compact reclaimed wood desk with matching chair

10) You don’t need to worry about it getting chipped

We’ve all been there – you get a new piece of furniture and within a relatively short space of time you or the children manage to scratch or dent it. With reclaimed, the wood is already imperfect, which in turn removes the worry of it getting damaged.

Rustic dining table and sideboard in kitchen-diner

Good quality furniture should last for many years and so the chances are that you’ll move home with your furniture – perhaps more than once. Again, the worry of items getting knocked during the move is much reduced when you opt for reclaimed.

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