21 Furniture Trends for 2021

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Many of us will either move in to a new home or decide to improve our current house or flat in 2021, and furniture will often be a key consideration. There’s never been a broader selection of furniture styles but, with so much choice, how do you narrow things down to something that’s right for you and your home?

To give you some ideas and inspiration, here’s 21 furniture trends for 2021…

1) Scandi

Scandi style bedroom with natural light

The Nordic / Scandi style has been an emerging trend for several years now and shows no signs of slowing down. And why should it? There are so many facets to its appeal, including the fact that it’s contemporary, minimalist and has a great natural look and feel.

2) Eco-friendly furniture

Thankfully, as a nation we’re becoming much more environmentally conscious and this is particularly evident in and around our homes. From energy saving light bulbs to recycling bins, in recent times we’ve adopted a number of greener practices, and the emergence of reclaimed wood furniture reflects this more conscientious approach to how we live.

Colourful reclaimed wood sideboard in living room setting

Aside from the fact that it’s such a tremendous choice for the environment, it also looks great. The wood exudes character and is a more robust and hard-wearing style than most. What’s not to like?

There’s still much to be done in terms of wood waste – this country continues to dispose of over five million tonnes of wood a year – but thanks to the reclaimed movement, the tide is turning, and perhaps this year could be the one when you introduce greener furniture in to your home?

3) Bringing the office home

Grey hideaway desk in home office

It’s a sign of the times and, as more of us are working from home, we’ve turned our attentions to creating more comfortable and practical workspaces.

If you’re lucky enough to have a designated room for a home office then you may have already invested in items such as additional shelving or a filing cabinet. In many homes where space is at more of a premium, hideaway computer desks have become an incredibly practical and useful addition, giving the flexibility to work comfortably and yet conceal everything at the end of the working day.

4) Pantone colours of the year

2021 pantone colours of the year

If you’re looking for ideas and inspiration in terms of colour schemes, the pantone colours of the year are often a great place to start. For 2021, it’s a union of Ultimate Grey with Illuminating (yellow) – providing a balance of comfort and reliability with sunny and friendly optimism. Who wouldn’t want some of that in their home during these times?

5) Enhancing your outside space

Two comfortable green chairs on outdoor patio

If you’re lucky enough to have a garden or some degree of outside space, outdoor furniture is more popular than ever, and not only for the warmer months. As a result of this trend, style and comfort are becoming more important, with many households now acquiring furniture pieces which are suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.

6) The industrial revolution

Once only suitable if you lived in a converted grain store in London’s docklands, industrial style furniture is now present in a wide variety of homes up and down the country.

Industrial dining table and chairs in living room setting

Industrial has traditionally been perceived as a somewhat stark choice – cold and raw. However, the emergence of ‘light industrial’ has helped to soften the look and broaden the appeal. Indeed, a number of ranges are now available that retain the ethos of industrial – giving you robust furniture with a contemporary edge – but at the same time enabling you to coordinate it with a room that may not have many (or any) other industrial influences.

7) Finding a better bed

Happy lady waking up in comfortable bed

It’s the one piece of furniture that we spend the most time on and so our bed and mattress choice should be carefully considered. There’s certainly more choice than ever before and, as more of us recognise how beneficial a good night’s sleep can be, researching and choosing the right bed has become increasingly important.

8) Biophilia

Sofa in living room inspired by biophilia trend

‘Bringing the outside in’ and having the feeling that nature is closer to us is particularly appealing during 2021. Accordingly, if you’re considering new furniture, think about how you might be able to position it so that it helps stimulate natural light and cohabits with some plant life.

9) The big night in

Reclaimed wood wine rack against exposed brick wall

It’s a sign of the times that ‘staying in is the new going out’. Accordingly, many households are making more of an event of staying in - splashing out on things such as home bars and wine racks, which can make an evening in feel more like a night out.

10) Bringing the cinema home

Modern sitting room with reclaimed wood TV stand and mounted television on wall

Continuing the home entertainment theme, TV stands and cabinets are also one of the big trends for this year. Most households are spending more time in front of the television and an attractive TV stand lifts any living room plus gives you something to admire during the ad breaks.

11) Vintage

Vintage style chest of drawers in living room

As the saying goes, ‘fashions fade, style is eternal’ and this is certainly true of vintage. With an abundance of traditional character and charm, vintage-inspired furniture not only looks great but often emulates the solid and long-lasting build quality of original pieces.

12) Dark emerges in to the light

Dark wood is once again a popular choice in the nation’s homes. It’s always had a rich and stylish appeal but, all too often in the past, lighter wood types – oak in particular – have seemed like a ‘safer’ choice. Not anymore.

Walnut desk on white background

Sales of dark wood furniture are on the rise and, whilst woods such as mahogany will always have their place if you’re seeking a very traditional style, walnut furniture is certainly leading the charge for the dark woods.

13) Relaxed dining

Reclaimed wood dining set with dining bench in foreground

Offering tremendous versatility and something that’s a little bit different from most homes, replacing some (or all) of your dining chairs with benches is one of the furniture trends that’s set to get even bigger this year. Many people feel that it’s a more informal and convivial way to enjoy meals and it’s certainly an idea worth considering if your dining set is due to be replaced.

14) Storage

18 drawer industrial style storage chest

Spending more time at home over the past year or so has often meant that we’re less tolerant of clutter. Our furniture choices have been influenced by this increased need for tidiness and items such as storage cupboards and shoe cabinets have never felt so useful.

15) The illusion of space

Tilting mirror set in light-filled home office

Creating the feeling of more space certainly isn’t just about tidying things away. Mirrors are an incredibly popular way to make a room feel more spacious, as well as distributing natural light, and their appeal has never been greater, whichever style you choose.

16) The ring back is back

Rustic dining set with ring back dining chairs

Popular for a few years now, ring back dining chairs are once again a highly sought-after addition to dining rooms for 2021. They certainly add a touch of sophistication to a dining area and offer something that’s more eye-catching than a plain back.

17) Oak is modernising

Notwithstanding the growing popularity of dark wood choices, oak is very much alive and kicking, and is still the most popular wood type for homes across the UK.

Modern oak dining set in grey dining area

In addition to the fact that oak is such an ideal hardwood for making furniture with, it has often been seen as a ‘safe choice’ because it blends seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. However, just because it’s got a reliable reputation certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t also be an inspired choice and this is being demonstrated by the number of modern oak furniture ranges that are coming to the market with something a little bit different from what you might have seen just a few years ago.

18) Rustic

Rustic dining area with table and chairs

A recurrent theme for this year is the desire for a more natural feel to rooms and rustic furniture is ideal for this. As ever, Pinterest can be a great source of inspiration, if this is a style that you think might suit your home.

19) Bolder choices

Over the past few years homeowners are being bolder, more adventurous and even more experimental in their décor choices. As a society we’re becoming more comfortable with expressing ourselves and this is reflected in a more liberated approach to the way we style our homes.

Yellow accent colours on dining chairs and sofa

Statement furniture, for example, is a particular trend that’s not only emerging but looks set to stay. In previous decades furniture was often supposed to ‘know its place’ and remain firmly in the background. However, now furniture can often become the star of the show within a room – for example using a bold colour on an occasional chair to set the accent colour for the room as a whole.

20) Modern farmhouse

Farmhouse style dining set in dining area with wooden floors

The country cottage / farmhouse look is not new, but continues to be popular, as furniture designers continue to innovate and add new, modern twists to it. One of the latest trends is to combine different materials – such as painted and natural wood – meaning that the furniture is equally at home in your country cottage or a more suburban setting.

21) Furniture recycling

Any finally, a trend that’s arguably the most important one of all, given that it’s environmentally friendly and benefits a good cause. If you’re looking for new furniture then you’ll often have older items that you no longer need. How you dispose of it can not only make a difference to the environment, but also to other people and to charity.

Recycling wood symbol

Many local organisations, plus nationwide charities such as the British Heart Foundation, can collect your old furniture and make great use of it.

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