5 of this year’s most popular furniture trends

2019 furniture trends

Many of us will either move in to a new home or decide to improve our current house or flat during 2020, and furniture will often play a key part in creating the desired interior style. There’s never been a broader selection of furniture types but, with so much choice on offer, how do you narrow things down to something that’s right for you and your home?

Here we share five of this year’s most popular emerging trends in furniture…

1) Eco-friendly furniture

Thankfully, as a nation we’re becoming much more environmentally conscious and this is particularly evident in and around our homes. From energy saving light bulbs to recycling bins, in the past decade or so we’ve adopted a number of greener practices, and the emergence of reclaimed wood furniture reflects this more conscientious approach to how we live.

Furniture made from reclaimed or sustainable sources is becoming incredibly popular – so much so that you’ll now often be able to find pieces in many mainstream high street retailers.

Aside from the fact that it is such a tremendous choice for the environment, it also looks great. The wood exudes character like no other style can and, if you want yet another benefit, it’s often a more robust and hard-wearing style than most. What’s not to like?

There’s still much to be done in terms of wood waste – this country continues to dispose of over five million tonnes of wood a year – but thanks to the reclaimed movement, the tide is turning, and perhaps this year could be the one when you introduce greener furniture in to your home?

2) Bolder choices are being made

A concurrent theme of late is that homeowners are being bolder, more adventurous and even more experimental in their décor choices. As a society we’re becoming more comfortable with expressing ourselves and this is reflected in a more liberated approach to the way we style our homes.

Statement furniture, for example, is a particular trend that’s not only emerging but looks set to stay. In previous decades furniture was often supposed to ‘know its place’ and remain firmly in the background. However, now furniture can often become the star of the show within a room – for example using a bold colour on an occasional chair to set the accent colour for the room as a whole.

There are also an increasing number of bolder choices when it comes to items such as dining room chairs. Again, rather than blending in to the background they are often now taking a more prominent role in setting the tone for the room.

3) The industrial revolution

Once only suitable if you lived in a converted grain store in London’s docklands, industrial furniture is now present in a wide variety of homes up and down the country.

Industrial has traditionally been perceived as a somewhat stark choice – cold and raw. However, the emergence of ‘light industrial’ has helped to soften the look and broaden the appeal. Indeed, a number of ranges are now available that retain the ethos of industrial – giving you robust furniture with a contemporary edge – but at the same time enabling you to coordinate it with a room that may not have many (or any) other industrial influences.

4) Dark is emerging in to the light

Dark wood furniture is once again a popular choice in the nation’s homes. It’s always had a rich and stylish appeal but, all too often in the past, lighter wood types – oak in particular – have seemed like a ‘safer’ choice. Not anymore.

Sales of dark wood furniture are on the rise and, whilst woods such as mahogany will always have their place if you’re seeking a very traditional style, walnut furniture is certainly leading the charge for the dark woods.

5) Oak is modernising

Notwithstanding the growing popularity of dark wood choices, oak is very much alive and kicking, and is still the most popular wood type for homes across the UK. That said, it’s certainly not a style that’s standing still and many new ranges are featuring innovative elements within their design, as well as more contemporary styling.

In addition to the fact that oak is such an ideal hardwood for making furniture with, it has often been seen as a ‘safe choice’ because it blends seamlessly with a variety of interior styles. However, just because it’s got a reliable reputation certainly doesn’t mean that it can’t also be an inspired choice and this is being demonstrated by the number of modern oak furniture ranges that are coming to the market with something a little bit different from what you might have seen just a few years ago.

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